Dec 31, 2013

Music Making Me Smile in 2013

After a years long break in paying any attention whatsoever to new music, I spent many hours of 2013 with headphones on, Spotify streaming. Here are the albums that made me smile.

Jason Isbell Southeastern
My personal favorite of the year. Lands right in my alt-country sweet spot with masterful turns of musical and lyrical phrase. Love it and can't wait to see him live in January at 9:30 Club. Spotify

American Kid
I probably listened to Ohio more than any other song this year. Spotify 

Modern Vampires Of The City
Diane Young always upsets the elliptical program, because my heartrate gets out of the "cardio" area and into the "undefined but you'll probably die soon" area. Spotify

Post punk catchiness. Spotify

Complete My Album: Get Born Sinner for Special Price
Finally starting to get this whole hip hop thing. Spotify

The jangly pop is enjoyable Spotify

My main man having fun. Spotify

I don't even know where I found this one, but I do smile every time one of these songs afro pops up on shuffle. Spotify

My friend Travis calls this Orbisonesque Latin-influenced cowboy dancehall music. Spotify

Our modern Bob Dylan? Spotify

Pitchfork certainly isn't impressed, but I like it. Spotify

First saw them on SNL. Spotify

The first time I've gotten these guys. Spotify

Sucker for baroque, sucker for Punch Brothers. Spotify

Kenyan power punch! Spotify

Soothing Americana. Spotify

Sep 24, 2007


I'm over here now.


Aug 13, 2007

Dewey Camp and a Thermostat

Dewey Beach sandcastle

I'm spending my weekends this summer in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

It's the true story of 16 strangers (in their 30s) who chose to pay money to live in a 4 bedroom house, listen to loud snoring, and see Kristen and the Noise a thousand times, to find out what happens when people stop having privacy and start going to Dewey Camp.

I'm out of my element, but it's good TV and gives me freckles.


Since these are the dog days, let's check the Thermostat. Frankel's Thermostat.

MP3 >> Thermostat

Jul 30, 2007

Coincidence or vast circular rotor blade conspiracy?

Helicopter controls The helicopter

I'm just suggesting that if you're lucky enough not to be on the first one going down, wait at least 4 days before getting into a chopper yourself...

  • This morning a Dallas news chopper made a fiery "emergency landing" just 3 days after 2 Arizona news and traffic helicopters collided in mid-air resulting in a fiery and deadly crash.

  • Back in March, a Heli-USA tour helicopter crashed, killing 4. Three days later, another tour helicopter proved unable to stay in the air and 1 person died.

Jun 29, 2007

Weak and Easy, Tiger

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.i am so weak.

Faced with at least a 3 hour drive from DC to Dewey this afternoon, the thought of not having Easy Tiger to accompany me really started tapping my shoulder for attention.

Despite having a $50 iTunes gift certificate at home, I just pressed "buy." Staples is wrong, that monster the real easy button. first listen, I'm finding it more pleasing and agreeable to my sensibilities than his last 5 releases. This is my Ryan.

I want to point out the easygoing bluegrass tune Pearls on a String. It might not get the most attention of the bunch but you can bet I'll play this one as I cross over the Bay Bridge.

Jun 25, 2007

Money Mysteries for $500, Alex

Answer: Perhaps even if money doesn't grow on trees, it grows on me.

Question: How does a dime get on the shower drain?

It's a good thing money does grow on me because I went to New York this weekend. Aside from all the fun, it's not a different experience than opening your bank account and dropping it from the Top of the Rock.

Frans and Me Top of the Rock NBC stuff Me and Lauren at the Wine Bar in NYC

More of my photos

Frans' great pics

Jun 22, 2007

Boston's Emergency Music

If you've followed my fandom tendencies at all you know EM's You'll Be the Death of Us All, Honey is at the top of my list for 2007. The band is squirrelly in its reticence to release one of the finest collection of tunes I've heard, but I suppose it's worth the wait.

In the meantime, you can listen to a live preview of Emergency Music on the Band In Boston podcast.

icon for podpress FHS 60 - Emergency Music [44:58m]: Play in Popup